Monday, March 9, 2009

Second piece of awesomeness

I am almost finished sewing this shirt. It is cool! I dismembered two man shirts completely into fabric (cuz its cheap!) and I cut out shapes and sewed em up. I am still a novice and its just so fulfilling when you can make something you can wear!

sweetness. other than this my day sucked.


harriethu said...

How could your day have possibly sucked?
You saw me!

Wear it to school! Why make things when you don't wear them to school!

Christina. said...

that's friggen awesome.
Wear it to school one day.

Thaa lunchtime club meeting, you guy's ideas for Mayfest... passing out the Burger King hats. Pretty much the highlight of the session. Brilliant, and hilarious at the same time.