Friday, March 20, 2009


Wow. I am so elated yet so enraged at the same time. I went to school after a long absence because of an unrelenting sinus infection or strep throat whatever it is. I am so screwed. I don't know why I do badly in the easy classes. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Well anyway, I successfully got into the two AP classes that I applied to. I am genuinely surprised that DLR agreed to recommend me for AP stats, because of my poor grades and blah. Well anyway, I guess my midnight essay moved them scienficial hearts ;). I wrote it at 2am after going to bed at 11pm and then having a dream about it. I wrote it quickly and went to bed- I barely remember writing it but coolio. APUSH was a given, because of my teachers obvious favoritism towards me. I look forward to learning the history of this nation that I have grown to nearly despise. That may have sounded sardonic, however I am fairly anticipating the class. I hope that I won't drown from the work... because I can barely tread. Was I the only one who chuckled at this analogy?

So I think that recently I have gone on facebook way too much. This is obviously an indication that I have focus issues. Anyway, I was playing this game called word challenge (it's a fb app). The objective of the game is to make as many words as you possibly can out of the given (7?) letters. It's quite amusing, buuut my friend is really good at this. Now not to be an "elitist" (wink) but my friend has never displaced an aptitude for the english language... which leads me to wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong in this game.

I suggest you try play.

oh also I really like indian music dawgy:


Christina. said...

Fuck advanced math.
What's up with the new layout?

Christina. said...

And I'd like to meet the people you mentioned who regret taking calculus as juniors.
Vedar approved a ridiculous amount of people for APUSH (some of which I saw on the list are just downright incompetent idiots). No offense. Refer back to my rant. The departments in general are admitting too many people into AP and honors classes.

52reasonswhy said...

I hope they don't cancel the AP Mandarin class.

52reasonswhy said...

Its funny how some people who went to the mock trial and applied didn't get into APUSH since some who didn't even go to the mock trial yet managed to get into his class.

The Superficial Fucker said...

who are you 52 reasons why?

and i agree