Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School Whoopdidooda

I felt that since today was a special day, it warranted a post. Unfortunately, I cannot claim that today was any more than a completely-fucked-up-worst-day-of-my-life kind of day *smiles sickeningly sweetly*. Dude, I got my fuckin' red river at school and I had stomach aches all day. I went to first period after homeroom and confronted my 1* English teacher after going all the way to her class - I was so embarrassed. It went a little bit like this:
Me: So uhh, you're still teaching 1* English Honors right?
Clinton: Yeah, I still am.
Me: So uhhh, could I go in and sit down, I'm in your class.
Clinton: Actually, this period is my prep period, I won't see you until tomorrow honey.
Me: Oh, haha, of course. Yeah, well, you didn't have to tell me! I mean you know, I just came see- to see if you were teacher English Honors, um you meet my I'm gonna go to class now..ehehe...

Shoot my fuckin' brain now.

Haha, well that is over and dealt with. Needed to get that out of my system.

So I'll organize how my day went by periods:

Homeroom: Weird sub. A-W-K-W-A-R-D. My friends were just like: "Hey can I see your schedule again?" "Yeah sure my classes changed" "oh we're not in any classes together! That sucks!" "So I'm gonna go back to my seat now and wallow in my own pathetic loner-ness because its exhausting to talk to you right now" (Oh, that was what I was thinking...)

2*: Adv Algebra Honors - De Los Reyes
Hmmm, I'm wondering if I bit off more than I can choke on. Hopefully I will do okay in her class. She is incredibly young, and different from what I expected. The class was incredibly (I know I already said this) A-W-K-W-A-R-D. I didn't know anyone and everyone seemed focused on their work (as the good little Chinese girls they were) or talking in their own little preordained groups/cliques. We got our billion pound books on the first day, lalala, I feel emo.

3* P.E. - Wert
Well. BORING. Christina is in my class so I thought "oh this won't be too bad, I can chat with Christina all period" but we got assigned seating (by alphabetical order of course) and we were separated by many many chairs. It was awkward once again as I looked around at potential people I could converse with. NADA. That was a very long period.

4* French - Focherio
Tough. Well, I might be able to learn something, she decided she won't speak English to us anymore. Assigned seating by name again, separated from Erika. Uneventful.

Lunch - I am such a loner, its sad. I saw Jane next to the tree so I approached, and Bartho came and greeted us. We hung out for the rest of the short period. It was cool. I enjoy hanging out with them. Less receptive people are awesome, you can just stand in silence and you don't actually need to exert any effort at maintaining a stable conversation without it getting awkward. I just love run-on complex sentences.

5* Modern World - The Lady (forgot name)ooh I remember...Blinick I think
In the first 10 minutes, my first impression of her was: B-I-T-C-H. Later on I found another BITCH target, this stupid girl who whistles and mutters 'fuck' at random times, and is one of those people who give everyone shit. She is like those gangster smart mouths that are hecka stupid. If you're gonna be a smart mouth, at least be relatively articulate and have some sort of intelligence to back up the shit you're giving the teacher. The teacher turned out to be okay. I like history, so maybe I'll like her a little bit. Although her head wrinkle mark makes her look evil *shrugs* whatever. Oh, and its good to have an openly gay teacher (I think, she said partner so I assumed).

6* Biology - Amaral (but today it was Colonel something as sub)
Very awkward and yeah didn't know anyone. The two people at my table became fast friends and in the end they talked about their experiences on drugs. Not just weed, but going to raves and doing hard stuff. Dude, its just stupid. The guy was like, a freshman. I feel too awkward to attempt to join in. I don't and never intend to try drugs.

I am fucked in the butt (as someone wisely quoted)

Hopefully this first day isn't foreshadowing my future sophmore year or I'll seriously need to get either a hobby or another therapist.

-Leafer (but not drugs)

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Christina. said...

You know I'm hoping that things will go alright for the both of us. Like the end of your post said, if my first day here is foreshadowing the rest of my sophomore year, then I`ma need to see a therapist eventually. I like appearing profound... Makes me feel like I'm doing something right, hah. And your modern world teach much be an optimist, huh?

Clinton seems sweet, same with De Los Reyes, although I can just sense a hint of fakeness within her persona. Her class intimidates me already, but so did Baker's on the first day of freshman year... Remember how rowdy is was all year long (though entertaining as hell)?? I enjoyed it. I love your depiction of adv. algebra honors, because well, it's the same in my period... Damn. These fobs, making me feel and look like a slacker compared to them (and possibly a loudmouth as well). I don't fit in, I'll tell you that! Shoot, I enjoy seeing non-Asians in that class (including this white or Hispanic guy who took Witka last year and is a pretty damn good artist)! You don't sound emo in your description of the class either, it's the simple truth.

I love Wert's sarcasm. And same goes for me during lunchtime about the loner thing... I've developed personal issues with the beanery (location, location, location). Makes me sad. And off-campus. Wow. Gobs and gobs of people... As though there's a lunch parade going on every single day. Plus, the weather sucked before 6th period today.