Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brief Recap

So, I know I haven't posted for a while. My life hasn't been wonderful, but neither has it been terrible. I rather enjoyed this summer. Although very exhausting, I had something to do everyday not having to ponder what to do next. I think that when there is some kind of schedule that I MUST follow, I thrive. Well, anyway, the internship was pretty cool, well, we didn't do much, but we had some pretty interesting results - which brings me to the reason that I decided to do a post in the morning when nothing extraordinary has happened.

If anyone reads this, please watch this video and rate 5 stars and subscribe even if you don't like it. It's my ego okay? A comment would also be superb.


Ciaomein -


Christina. said...

Oh yes, I'm all for questioning authority... But I do hate being a minor sometimes. You don't have as many rights and less freedom, but hey, you don't have to face the real world just yet. Sometimes I feel like calling up a co-worker over the weekend to hang out or something, simply because they're adults other than my parents, HAH. Yeah, that didn't make much sense.
This event goes on every Fourth of July at Dolores Park. I think you'd like it... I've never seen it, because it'd feel wierd um, not going with a friend who might take an interest in it as well.

harriethu said...

Haha, I decided to post something in that crap blog that I have, so I figured I'd check up on yours.

Nice to see you're continuing this, I need more friends who blog. -__-