Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toe Pain

My toe hurts. My pinky toe on my right foot to be exact.

Today a holocost survivor visited us and told us her story. It was really interesting but I did not have time to stay to ask questions for I was in a hurry to catch the 43 bus. I made it, yet I was still out of breath. The woman - Gloria, actually escaped. She was on her way to the gas chambers but she saved herself by jumping a ditch. I am horrified with the degrading conditions.

An animal would feel violated living like that.

A bug.

A fish.

A molecule.

It honestly brings tears to my eyes - no joke. Anyways, it was incredible.

She is writing a book. I definitely need to read it.



Christina. said...

Gloria was in the movie "Freedom Writers" as herself as well as a video about hate violence we watched in health class first semester. The woman is amazing...

It's nice seeing people in real life that you've read or heard about, especially if they've done something especially remarkable.

Christina. said...

Took me about half my Tuesday. My medium: Black fabric marker (I was with you when I bought them, remember?). I'm broke, and although I have a tube of black acrylic, I just didn't feel like opening it yet, LOL. I gotta save up for more paint... and supplies, dammit.
I don't think I'm ready to capitalize on my "talent" at 15, HAHAHAH.
It'd be nice to see how many adults actually buy the fact that I designed them myself... Besides the obvious.
Mom [after seeing them]: "Christina, you're so strange, it amuses me to tears!" (in Cantonese)