Wednesday, July 16, 2008

anger management classes may be necessary

Do you ever get so angry that your heart clenches and you feel like you can't breathe? It's a disgusting feeling.

You feel like strangling them with a chopstick.

Proving everything they say wrong.

Yell that they're utterly immature that they should act their own age?

Punch them


Straight punch in the fucking chin.

Adults should seriously act properly and more maturely.

What the fuck is wrong with him?

If you are old at least act it.

Who gives a shit about stuff.

Who gives a shit about humanities.

Who gives a shit about the stupid fucking people on the bottom what the fuck can we possibly do?

It's all talk! What the fuck are you doing to help? Staying at the bottom is not helping anyone. Try and going up the fucking latter and get rich - then you can donate all of the money to the poor. But of course by the time you get to that stage you won't care about those people you formerly defended - because you would no longer be one of them.

Human selfishness is unbelievable.


Fuck communism.

Fuck everything!


wow I feel better now



Christina. said...

You're truly expressive.

And as far as the bopper rendering goes, I'm drawing inspiration from the students in the program but also all my sketches are due to the amount of free time I have around the office (since I am only a volunteer and not getting paid). Not a lot of responsibilities, which has its pros and cons.

Christina. said...

Well Aim High hasn't exactly turned me into an optimist... The kids are extremely bratty (rising 6th to 9th graders), well most of them and annoying as hell. It's difficult to retain my sanity in an environment like this sometimes... I'm disgusted by the way some of these students act... Such disrespect and defiance, ugh.
I'm not resilient, and never really have been... Not a good thing.

What is a corporate lawyer? You're not for capitalism, are you?
As far as pitying others go, not doing so when one deserves the mercy really depends on the person and situation... I don't think it is always a malicious thing to do. I've felt that way before about complete assholes... Screw them. Some people have thick skin.