Friday, June 13, 2008


It's been a while. No particular reason, just my normal lazy ass self. Anyway, finals were this week, for the first three days, and it was shorter and less stressful than expected. Math finals I failed, yet I still managed to achieve a B on my final semester grade (SCORE! Yet it does seem strange that he says it's 25% of our grade when...*cough* it's not...) Hopefully he's not pitying us, because it'll make me gag. I was stupid enough to go to school yesterday, and I talked to Baker for a while because he made me and Cinderella stay in the classroom...(we were the only two that came), and Baker said that he planned on being single for the remainder of his life - either he's unaccepting to his homosexuality, or some his aspirations of being a monk are still in his brain.

For most of my classes, I would just need to show up and the teachers would tell us to leave so I left before 3rd period with Adela, and we picked up one of her friends and went to the park. We played on the swings and observed a man facing the bushes doing some things *cough*, and we tried to guess whether he was a pervert or he just needed to pee really badly...there were several other crazy theories, because he just stood there in the pissing position (back facing us) for maybe 30 minutes! I got sap on my black sweatpants that I was wearing while I was on the slide...the only plus is that the sap smelled like fresh pine - hah! much of a consolation that was.

After that we decided to go to Stonestown, but Adela needed to return her book so I agreed to meet with her at Quickly's. I walked with Cinderella's friends Minh and Edward down Anza because I had nothing else to do. They were going to Stonestown too so we planned to go together. It was so fucking hot though! We dropped by Minh's house briefly, and he gave me water =D. We got on the 18 bus that goes straight to Stonestown, but their friends [that Adela and I didn't know]came along, and it became awkward so I went to the back to sit with Adela. The ride was preety long.

When we got to Stonestown, we split with Cinderella's group, and Adela and I strolled around the mall doing nothing. We bought Razzles at Hot Topic, and she has become obsessed with them. We then went to Borders and I read a book and she left to go watch a movie downtown with her boyfriend.

My mom picked me up and we went home. I had an urge to make bread, so I did, and the first one didn't turn out that good. I made a second foccacia bread (with milk instead) and it turned out pretty nice. I then made some pizza dough, which I haven't decided what I should do with it now.

I think I'll try making more different kinds of bread today, I just need to run to the market and pick up some yeast packages.



Christina. said...

Idk when I'll be free to hang out... Anytime between now and next Saturday, I guess? Busy next Saturday (hopefully). And the following week I start my summer job. o.O

Christina. said...

I'd like to know my final semester grade for geometry....
And I guess the rumors are true. Turns out that Baker actually is gay! Nothing wrong with it, nice of him to keep you and "Cinderella" after class to discuss that with you guys... Must trust you guys enough or something.

Adrienne said...

you have a friend named cinderella? thats hella cool.

Anonymous said...

hey this is miranda. did u get into bio honors? if not, do u know anyone who did? i need to know what was on the reading list.