Thursday, May 29, 2008

No Matter How Many Time's I Think About It

It's difficult to keep using capital letters one word after another. I read this book at Borders, and it was pretty good. I can't wait until school is over, but things are looking up for me a bit these days. *sigh*



Christina. said...

Fuck Mayfest. Seriously, though, it's pointless. I'd rather go up to the art room to catch up on coursework and save my grade from turning into a B-C. Which reminds me how messed up the schedule is for tomorrow. 1st period stays the same (I have Adamcik then, fuckkk) while 7th is shortened. If anything, please extend 4th period instead. :]]]
Wanna hang out during Mayfest tomorrow, though? We haven't done that in ages.

I'd love to see Adamcik get into an arguement with an English teacher.
I hardly exercise... P.E. is my main source of that.

Christina. said...

Yeah I wanted to hang out, but it turned out good. :] I thought my art teacher was gonna kick me out of her room around 1 PM, but turns out she didn't... And I got more work done than I had expected. ;]

Security wasn't very heavy at all around the school, which was pretty sad. That announce Saunders made after 7th period about no students being in the building... Bullshit. We weren't allowed in the hallways, and the ceramics teacher had about 5 students in his room working with clay. HAHAHAH. It's amazing how much we could get away with around here. But I didn't know we could leave at 2 PM either. o.O I ended up leaving like 7 minutes early.

Christina. said...

Btw, I don't have many summer plans. A 5-week volunteer job working with middle school brats at a summer program from June 30-August 1 on the weekdays, but otherwise, I'm not going on vacation or anything. I plan on possibly redecorating my room as well as shopping for art supplies around the city every now and then... Need to practice my skills.
I'll be able to hang out, though.
Your summer plans?