Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Love that song. Anyway, gotta go, but just wanted to share. I was just bustin' out some moves to this song. Check it out.

"Who do you, who do you, think you are?"

ciaomein lossa's

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Christina. said...

Hey, I'm not that involved.
It's this 24 people at the maximum volunteer gig on the 23rd... Volunteering at the Youth Arts Festival;; we get out of school for a day basically because we're assisting in well, helping out (supervising little kids while they create works of art, collecting backpacks, etc.)... My art teacher brought it up yesterday, and posted a sign-up sheet in her room for her students. Just one day. I wanna test my tolerance levels... Personally, I dislike little bratty kids. But I already have a volunteer job for the summer dealing with middle school brats. Hahah.

My "poster" for the Gimme Shelter art contest got chosen. The guy who manages it gave me the following comments:
"Christina; I like the social/eco commentary but as this is donated space from Clear Channel we need to be aware of that direct tie-in to Wal-Mart, McDonalds, etc might result in their refusing to display it. This can be handled subtly; the "W" of WM can be more obscured by head, "M" of McDonald's flipped upside down, the shell of "Shell"... sand-dollar... I know this will be a great piece but we don't want to shoot ourselves in the foot."
Personally I'm offended. I've discussed this with my teacher the last two days, and she cared to explain to be the whole situation. Corporations like Clear Channel privatize things like this. The billboards aren't owned by the city. We'd be painting the winning entries on recycled vinyl billboards to hang in bus shelters across the city... So it's like, since my piece actually includes names of corporations in it this making it controversial, Clear Channel has to approve of it first before choosing to display it. =.= I'm pissed.

Hey, I'm boring!
Yeah, Tong was trying to predict people's choices in what they were going to wear tomorrow. Quite funny.

Repetitive rantings are tedious.
New York does sound interesting indeed. I shall try and experience what it's like to live there before I die. Ugly strangers who smell bad freak ya out, huh? Same here... But looks can be deceiving, well, unless you're decribing the homeless. Idk about the whole racist thing, but they are pretty open-minded... And willing to debate with anyone regardless of their background.