Monday, May 5, 2008


I slept through almost the whole career ed class, and when I couldn't sleep anymore I just listened to the conversation about American Pie movies from people around me - not contributing though. I ate lunch with Rosy today and I got a chowmein chicken plate. It was so good that I'm not even hungry now - which is very rare for me. I have a piano lesson later, so I have to stay in the city. I went to Jane's house briefly to practice piano for a minute, because I thought I had lost my touch. I am still religiously practicing clarinet, and I have no idea if I'm improving, but I think that it's kind of fun, which I think is the most important (is it really?).

Perry and Jane bought a lot of new clothes Saturday, and the clothes look exactly the same as their other ones - just newer, and cleaner [I suppose]. I finished my math homework in class, and my table mates are gangsters, but they're fun. Cuba smells kind of bad - like metal and bad breath, oh well, I'll just have to turn around and talk to Cinderella. There's this Asian girl at my table and she seems to be on good terms with the other two guys. The other guy is cool, but weird.

Two tables ago, there was this stupid guy and this other stupid girl, I may have mentioned them in previous posts. The guy is always with his friends and greeting me, and I have no idea if he's mocking me or not, but it's just like...I didn't even talk to him when he was at my table. I don't even talk to him in class! Weird, and freaky.

Shrek is ugly and awesome. Fiona the Ogre sucks.

Ciaomein is for winners


Christina. said...

I agree with your take on empathy and why in the end it's all just a front people put up, but you have to understand. May I vent to ya, please? I've become so irritated with my friend lately... To the point where I'm sorta withdrawing from them.
She's apathetic in the aspect where she doesn't care about her grades (well most of them) as long as she's passing all her classes; pretty damn inconsiderate about others; immature; and sometimes in art class just can't shut up (which she gets away with =.=) and stop patronizing her tablemates as well as other people. She openly said to me a few weeks ago that, "If it's not my problem, then I don't care", and I've really begun to notice that lately... I can't complain to her about any issue (which is most of what conversations consist of anyway), and voicing my opinion at all recently has always been followed by her saying, "Who cares?" It's like she won't even take the time to fucking listen and instead just blow it off...

Being somewhat aloof isn't always a bad thing. Sure, people might perceive you as being extremely stoic but you stay on their neutral side. It just sucks that getting too close to certain people will inevitably lead to you guys getting very annoyed with each other at some point.

SF is boring, I agree. Maybe because I've lived here all my life and haven't really explored it myself... Oh wait that's contradictory bull. Or perhaps I'm just sick of all the famous spots and supposed tourist attractions this city has to offer... I don't mind that people here are so liberal and free-spirited (e.g. Summer 1967), haha... But it would be interesting if San Francisco experienced a nice change of pace. If conservative republicans were to ever move here, though, Idk. Social stigma?

Christina. said...

Your new table is um, interesting. Shelley's cool. Nice girl, adequate intelligence. Easy to get along with.

Christina. said...

Yep, yep. It's fine to not sugarcoat things and show your honesty (or in this case indifference), but at least do it in a polite manner. The attitude my friend has been exhibiting lately just isn't likable. I don't know how much more of it I can take. But saying something like, "Who cares?", yes I agree, is indeed a good way to get rid of someone... temporarily.

Hah, we all cannot help but be nosy at some point. I can't blame ya. :] Sometimes it depends on who is ranting to you. It's fabulous entertainment when it's somebody whom you don't normally hang out with, or even talk to. LOL, common sense.

I'm sure San Franciscans are fairly open-minded... They might not stigmatize you, but instead always counter your political views with arguements to back themselves up. Great use of practicing your debate skills. Hmm, what is the predominate political party in New York? I hear there aren't many republicans over there...