Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Repetitive Rant

Hmm...I'm irritated now. I hate this "no offence" phrase. I've said this before, but why the fuck do you say 'no offence' if you think it's going to offend them? Gosh.

Today I went to a Jr. YBA meeting representing SF. It was two hours, and extremely tedious. Erin went and brought a friend, who was nice, but it was boring for me because they were talking about school and stuff and I had no idea what they were talking about. After that I went and read manga at the Westfield Borders. Shut up, it's my Asian genes okay? It was very boring, because I was just re-reading a series I have read several times already. I intended to read the latest Economist, but I was too lazy to use my brain.

My dad is back from Chicago - without any omiage. Sad. We are going to watch a Blockbuster now. I have to practice piano and finish clarinet, else I'll have bad Carma once again.

Time is Money - Money is Time - Reciprocals don't always work

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