Friday, May 9, 2008

Prissy is the New Norm

I am either very irritable, or recently just extremely bitchy. I have no other explanation for my unexplained attitude towards anything and everything. Perhaps it is as Christina had so profoundly stated somewhere - "we are just [much] less tolerant than in the beginning of the year" (yeah not verbatim but I'm not an elephant...).  I'm aware that I haven't posted very much, but this is probably my pissy attitudes fault. Hate the attitude not the man(woman), teehee.

I had an extremely bad day, and it's all because I didn't practice clarinet yesterday. Carma sure is a bitch huh? Oops, I didn't say that, *prays to Carma-god-man*, I was just kidding...

I'm freaked out by this guy, because I was friends with him before but now it's like, "yuck", yeah. I think my standards for friends has gotten a bar higher. I think I'll stick with people like me for a while. I was late for school.

3.33 is okay, still in the "B" Honor Role, but it was ruined by my PE class, oh well - tis' is life.
PE - C
Science - A
French - B (didn't do any work at all)
English - A (barely any curriculum...)
Geometry - B (not too bad...not too was originally an A- but I don't know what happened)
College/Career - Passing
Forensic Performance (Debate) - A (I'm getting a B for the semester...which sucks...)

Life is going horribly. I'm pissed at my mom for not bringing me toilet paper when I yelled at her too. She finally did, but that was ten minutes later. Next time, it's my turn to pretend to be listening to music when she's yelling her fucking head off...

Those Motherfuckers-

PS: I wonder if I would be considered an angry person?

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Christina. said...

Yeah she ended up giving me a permission slip today. Yeeeee. My reaction made me seemed so desperate and pathetic.
I'm buried in homework for the weekend... Not fun. Mostly make-up work, too, so it sucks. I have certain weeks where I "slack" for a few days, and then it's not cool... Cause' I gotta compensate for myself over the weekend.

Nah I'm office volunteering at this summer program. Aim High, remember? Just assisting the site directors while working with a bunch of bratty middle school kids for five weeks. Joy! =.= Right by my house. Convenient and prevents me from lying around the whole time & gain 25 pounds, though I don't get paid.
Hah. Yeah. I've been contemplating a lot about this whole artistic integrity situation lately... Wierd cause' my teacher is more than just on my side... Typically adults dislike me. Anyways, I wanna paint... Just don't know how the fuck I'm gonna execute it anymore.

Open-minded hobos? Examples, please? Idk what you're talking about. I hate this whole prejudice thing when it comes to members of race groups... Why can't we all just get along and accept one another? (dear lord I'm starting to sound like a...) Sorry, sleep deprivation. Too lazy to try and interpret people's sarcasm, although yours is quite clever sometimes.

Btw, my mother irritates me too. A lot, for that matter. Yours seems cool... Not as materialistic, vain, superficial, and self-absorbed than the typical teenager. I swear. You ever saw the two of us in public, and would not believe that we're related.
As for your grade in geometry, hey, it's a lot higher than you expected... Remember how initially you thought you were failing the quarter?