Saturday, May 3, 2008

That Lazy Bastard

I'm lazy so I'm going to only put a few words in this post.

So today I didn't have anything to do, so I hung out with my aunt. It was pretty fun. I went to her house and I read this script called "Only In America", written by a couple of her friends (professional screenwriters). It was really good - and the first movie script I've seen in my life.
It's a rough version of what will come. It was pretty interesting. Anyway, I read the script for several hours, and then we were hungry so we went to this Vietnamese place on Irving (I forgot the name), and it was so good! I got my usual, Pho Tai, and my aunt got the curry chicken pho - which was strange yet good. After that we went to a movie at the Metreon. We saw Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. It was
freakin' awesome, except for the awkwardness of seeing...*cough* nudity *cough*
lower halves...of the human anatomy...of both genders...quite unnecessary.

Don't tell my mommy.

After that we went to look for this tea place, but we couldn't find it so we went to this high-end candy/bakery thing, and bought macaroons. Mine was chocolate lavender, and hers was rosemary and something else that I forgot. They were delicious. After that we got truffles ($2 each!) at Bourbons Chocolate. I got a passion fruit white chocolate truffle, and she got a coffee
caramel truffle. They were delicious. After that we went to her favorite shoe store, Gimme Shoes, and we looked around - at the $500+ shoes. I think she's the only one who can afford

She felt hungry after we left the shoe store so we meandered our way back to the cafe that we parked in front of. We ate french onion soup and I got a caramel latte. It was good. We left, and she dropped me off in Japantown.

I had to pay this lady back at this tea shop down in the shopping center, but then I forgot that my aunt had my wallet in her bag. She wasn't far away, so she came right back and handed it to me, "phew". I then paid the lady back and went back to San Won, the Chinese place next to my dad's office. He was having dinner with some of his friends - one of whom was visiting from Chicago for a performance. They had all been in or at the show that happened at JCCCNC today. There's another one tomorrow. We went back to the center, and we bid our farewells.

I have been practicing clarinet for almost an hour, and I don't think I got too much better...better luck next time I suppose. I practiced piano for nearly an hour as well. I wonder where I'm getting this un-lazylike behavior.



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Christina. said...

Your family members/relatives = Cool.
Hah on the bipolar comment.