Monday, November 3, 2008

Libertarianism and Maternal Relationships

Just today I decided to proclaim myself a libertarian in the car. My mom went onto all this garble about how libertarians are so arrogant and selfish blahblahblah. And here I am expressing my political views and she just goes on and on always finishing with "well you can believe whatever you want" but wtf? I said that I did not believe that the welfare system is working out right now and she goes on another tangent about how school lunches are a form of welfare and without that students could not perform as well...-.- seriously. And I'm like, "well your stereotyping now" and she's like "no I'm archatyping, they're different" obviously she's doing both. I don't understand how she can be such a hypocrite.

I got that from her. She just does everything wrong and annoying. But at the end of the day I feel really bad at the way I treat her. Even though everything is her fault I feel horrible that I act like that towards her. It's instinct. My brother is inheriting this from me and she used to get it at work...Sometimes it makes me almost cry thinking that I may turn into that kind of person...


PS: THE ELECTION IS TOMORROW! I know that I'm being all excited and stuff, but now that I'm old enough to really understand whats going on I'm just like - FUCK! The fate of the next potentially 8 years will be decided tomorrow. I know that I'm all "Fuck mainstream candidates" and shit, but I really really hope that Obama will win. I don't want that weird ass nasally grandpa to be the representative of my country for four years. And if that nasalman gets sick, we'll have an idiot who portrays the female "stereotype" in the most ridiculousness way. Also the State elections. No on prop 8! forgive me for repeating this (I know that its all over the city). I'd like to see someone in SF (particularly the Castro) having a sign that says "YES ON PROP 8".

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Christina. said...

I think De Los Reyes was bashing Sarah Palin in class today.
I wouldn't be surprised if she were PROBAMA (along with most of my other teachers, for that matter).