Monday, January 17, 2011

Let them eat bread!

I had a dream that I was a baker. So the next day I baked lots of bread! I love foodwishes from hungrynation on youtube, so I used his recipe for ciabatta bread. It took 18 hours to ferment or err whatever it's called. I also tried to do his pizza dough recipe (also 18hrs), but my mom was stupid and turned on the oven to warm up the house while my dough was rising, killing the yeast. So that project failed. Then I got impatient yesterday so I made some faster rising bread. I made these french rolls (seen below). The dough was quite nice, and it was pretty easy to work with. Today I excitedly prepped my ciabatta dough for baking. The dough looked just like in the video, and that was exciting. Unfortunately the product wasn't exactly the same, but still quite good! So last night, frustrated after my pizza catastrophe, I made a quick pizza dough and left it in the fridge over night. That dough had hundreds of good ratings, but for some reason didn't work very well for me. I had to add a bunch of extra flour, and the gluten strands were really weak feeling. Anyway, in the morning it was quite elastic and cool, so that made me happy. I made the pizza and it was quite good. The bread just finished a couple of hours ago. Pictures below! Also, I added some random food pics from the past two weeks. Just Japanese new years food.

I really want to try dutch crunch and baguettes soon! Shit I have so much homework to do. Adios Amig(a/o)s

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