Saturday, August 13, 2011

FINALLY the Feet

These are the macarons that I made today, and last week. Finally got them almost right. Greentea macaron and pecan macaron with green tea meringue. I was gonna make the pecan pie filling but didn't have the right supplies. Man these babies are so fragile, I keep accidently cracking them. Thankfully they are filled inside instead of being hollow. I will keep working. At the end of today I felt very tired of macarons and baking, but tomorrow I will get the right supplies for the ganache and will kick ass. I have like 12 egg yolks that I am at a loss to what to do with them. I have so many ideas as to what to bake! I just hope that people like them.

Some potential combos: Azuki and Green tea, chocolate cheesecake, green baked tea azuki/white bean, mango, lychee etc. Lots of recipes to try! And since I am not working this week I will be baker girl. I wonder if I should try any other baked goods...It's easier to just make the same thing to refine and you have the same ingredients to use. We'll see. Toodles.


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