Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm so excited! My desktop Macintosh just arrived, and it is a great moment for humankind - haha, although that may sound's AWESOMEEEE! I'm so happy! The screen is enormous, and all these good programs have been predownloaded for me.

Anyway, my day was a bit disappointing (except for this) because I went to Congress and I didn't win (albeit expectedly). I didn't really write any points down and I got an hour of sleep last night...HOWEVER! There is always the possibility of winning, but that didn't happen for me. Megumi is always so frickin unlucky...never winning in bingo...raffles or anything! Moving on. I really feel like a bad person because I base so many things on my own pet peeves and irritations. Pour example, today in Congress, there was this girl who talked funny and she was weird, so I didn't like her, probably because combined with her speech impairment, she acted condescending when she had no idea what she was talking about. i hate people who are all confident and stuff but are saying the wrong things. grrr

I slept as soon as I got home...until about 1am. (I got back at 4pm) Now that I think about it..that's 9hours!


and just because it's awesome...I'll post a picture of myself all happy from the camera on the computer!


Christina. said...

Dude did you get a schedule change? I don't see you around anymore.

Christina. said...

What are you going to do about the P.E. requirement now, then?
Oh Brewer's great! (in terms of how much you learn, especially in improving your essay writing skills... I'd rather have her than Clinton, actually but then ugh, I'd be getting significantly less sleep than I am now)