Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I really feel like I'm wasting my life. But then I logically point out to myself that I don't really have anything else worth doing either. However I do feel that I need to find something. Despite my continuous preaching to find a passion, I truly want to do something that I feel is going to have a positive outcome in the end. I have accepted the fact that I am a wannabe, but perhaps eventually, my "want-to-be" prattle will turn out to be something. The small child who said that she wanted to be a doctor one day may really one day become a doctor. There are people who are either born or come into a certain place in life, such as rich people or I dunno, plumbers. One cannot choose who they are born from - but it is possible for one to achieve a higher place in life than that person born to status. And a plumber who inherits the fathers business doesn't want to be a plumber, but it just ends up that way. In the end, the only people who aren't wannabe's are people born into their position, and don't strive to change their fates. This post doesn't really make sense, because I was trying to justify my babble.

ciao mein

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