Saturday, January 3, 2009


I went to San Jose for a couple nights. I ate a lot of good food, and I went swimming. It was pretty good. I love the TV, I watched many episodes of Law & Order and "What Not to Wear" on TLC. So, on this trip I realized that I was merely one body in corporate, distraught, disfigured America. I thought it was funny to see ugly people get makeovers and watch them being slaughtered by the show hosts. They didn't even look that much better in the end. Why does the American psyche enjoy these human degrading shows? I also watched on TLC, a show about morbidly obese people, it was nasty...but I laughed.

A moment of silence to brood over my stupidity.

I love scifi. Stargate Atlantis is my new salvation. I used to like the TV show Weeds, but then in the third season or something, they showed naked people - it was nasty so I stopped.



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