Saturday, May 30, 2009

Result of Studying Biology

I suppose it turned into chemistry on this one. Stupid cramming. At least there's a study guide.

This was a distraction, but at least an incentive:


Christina. said...

Is that chocolate or burnt?

Christina. said...

Yeah I'd like to try a sample of your baked goods someday. ;]

Your literacy is not disintegrating! Hell, my writing needs a lot of guidance. I wanna take AP English senior year so Brewer can um, mentor me in the art form. I've found myself definitely reverting back to the way I composed works of prose back in 7th grade, except even more wordier now. It's not cool... And extremely flowery speech/writing is only so clever... our respiratory systems can only take so much moving our lips that when a sentence is so ridiculously fucking long we must pause and breathe before continuing on. It gets nauseating after a while, so I can understand why you find my writing overwhelming... Lately I haven't been updating too much, so it's been taking longer to write an entry. Damn.

Hah. I'm sure people will get much enjoyment out of reading an editorial of mine. *sinister, sarcastic laugh proceeds* And I hypothesize that grammatically correct text messages are about as hard to find as a good form-fitting sundress. Yeah, my similes suck.

Lol, detective journal.

I'm sure we're all eager for finals, and the school year for that matter to at last conclude. Now that we've covered the obvious, I really need to get some art done this summer... and go running. (I've gained some weight recently, dammit) But after getting rejected from two art programs, I really didn't have many options remaining. Initially I was supposed to become a TA at Aim High, but whatever... I'll take the stipend.

I've been alright lately, less stressed out than at the beginning of last week, but now I'm okay... and I've been rather unproductive since.
I'm definitely not winging the bio final, so I'll begin studying for it tonight. I'm nervous about the physiology portion of it, though. How was your presentation?

Christina. said...

Hahah, nah, I haven't been shopping. It's something I want... though I bought a couple t-shirts last weekend.

What was your term project topic?
Well we had such a limited amount of time to even complete these damn projects (I swear, we had an extra 2-3 weeks to prepare last semester), so it was difficult to squeeze in practice and rehearsal time with other assignments and semester projects and whatnot. I'm sure we all got annoyed at our groupmates at some point... I often love to doubt the competency levels of my teammates (and I'm normally right, just not always about which ones are absolute morons)... Dude they NEEDED me during the presentation. They were so f*cking meek and submissive (I swear, if I had told one of them to drop down and give me 20 during the middle of the show they probably would have obeyed), reading straight from the PowerPoint slides real quietly, failing to elaborate, and one even lacked the common sense to only pass out the fill-in note taker at the beginning (the supplemented such by giving the class the crossword and take-home exam as well)... Honestly I think they would have failed if I wasn't there to pick up the pieces, lead the show on, and explain almost every measley thing... in an ultra-sarcastic manner to the point of even mocking Amaral-Lee's pedagogy a bit. I brought the humor and entertainment, maybe.

I think Amaral-Lee definitely has her biases and preconceived favorites, but this time around was certainly more positive and sympathetic with her feedback... an increase in constructive criticism, although with virtually every group was all quite generic and uniform. I didn't overhear a lot of variation in those comments from day-to-day... so in the end it would have been hard to estimate how well you really did.

My stipended position... still working in the Aim High Vis Valley campus office, doing inventory/database work and whatnot... the usual. I have more responsibilities and paperwork to complete this summer, as a pilot role my bosses decided to bite off of the Yick Wo campus and stamp with the title of "volunteer coordinator". Basically it's somewhat of a leadership position, where we have more volunteers (with smaller teaching team logistics; they couldn't hire as many staff this summer) but I in a way get to distribute tasks and tell them what to do... and they don't have to show up everyday, but they're not getting compensated.

Hell yeah that prop was what I was referring to! Man... it was sweet and all, but showing it off to every successing class period was just unnecessary and at a bad time... better to do that tomorrow or something.

Christina. said...

Of course I'd like to hang out? When? I start work next Monday, for 6 weeks, though I have a 3-day July 4th weekend.

Jenna Rose said...
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Jenna Rose said...

Oh goody! Is this what my birthday cupcakes are gonna look like tomorrow? Man, your version of chocolate cake is irresistable.