Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So something weird happened recently. I began to realize that I am not as callous as I had originally thought. There was a twinge of guilt at the killing of animals for scientific research. And a feeling of real fear that this earth may be destroyed in my lifetime. This epiphany is frightening, yet strangely motivating. I feel like I need to do something, something to stop what is happening.

If something bad can be prevented why not try?

In English we are writing an extensive paper on solutions for Global Warming. I have suddenly become aware of reality. I guess I was trapped within the hubris of American culture. Perhaps there is still hope for me.

Anywho, at least life is nicer now. Final are coming up so I am diving in an expensive tutoring program in Palo Alto. My parents chose stanford tutors, but I don't really know how capable they are. Spending so much money and driving an hour both ways doesn't seem worth it. But because of my new [optimistic?] view on life, I might just have some hope.

I am still skeptical of Obama though

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Christina. said...

At the perfect moment too! When we're in the midst of frog dissections during biology!

Amaral: "No talk about decapitations, or cutting a hand off, or anything... no horseplay, disrespecting these animals that have died for scientific purposes, ..."
She mentioned nothing about the French revolution.