Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I don't really have time to post a full entry, but this is the lowdown on school. It sucks as much as I expected. I like seeing my friends again, but there isn't too much variation. It's hard to make "new" friends if you already have a bunch of friends in a class. I think that I must be really elitist now, because I am starting to be selective in the people I talk to judging by their superficial look of intelligence or stupidity. I suppose that knowing you have a problem is the first step towards recovery. I will try an talk to more people tomorrow I guess.

My teachers are decent, no one great, but at least no one excruciatingly intolerable. I was able to successfully transfer out of Mr. Shimamotos class. Everyone told me that he was the absolute worst teacher that I could possibly get for Chemistry. I'm starting to think that Domrose isn't the sweetest thing on this earth either, but at least she's nice. The class was quite boring, and what didn't help was my overwhelming need to go to the bathroom. I know quite a few people in the class which is nice (compared to my former chem class.) I really hope that I can learn something, seeing as I am interested in chemistry and I would like to take an AP science next year (perhaps apbio because that's interesting to me. Depending on how chemistry goes, we'll see what happens...)

My English teacher (Thompson) is really strange. I cannot help but look at her gobble gobble double chin. She constantly talks about irrelevant things, granted it's rather interesting. I am however utterly disappointed by Brewers retirement. Her class, although challenging, did teach me the most English that I have ever learned at school. Thankfully she hasn't mentioned using the summer reading, which I haven't finished yet...to my great chagrin.

Math is pretty easy ATM. APUSH seems like a big load but this week we're starting slow. I was supremely proud of myself when I passed the state test for the first time. Unfortunately we also need to start memorizing the president song. I hate memorization. My motto is..."in one ear and out the other"

Leaving you with that penny of wisdom, adieu!

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