Sunday, September 7, 2008

i hate naturally smart people

they make me feel bad about my personal incompetence. chinese people for example. they don't need to study for tests because they know everything. oops. generalization there. i meant, most chinese people. most boys with glasses. sorry guys. stereotypes are all i got.

i wish i was naturally smart. unfortunately i think i got the stupid gene when they handed them out on the chinese side.

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Christina. said...

Don't worry, it's cool. You contributed to the project. I may have not like how you phrased some stuff when talking about the book in class, but whatever.
I'm not really sure if the roles were distributed evenly amongst our group members. We both contributed a fair amount to the poster, the other two... Sirena contributed, my memory is just a little fuzzy as to exactly what. As for CLuo, I'm sure it wasn't her intention to do next to nothing as far as the poster goes (I mean remember how she was working on chem homework Friday moring and maybe helped to paste a quote or two onto the butcher paper), but damn, people like that just aggravate me... I'll get over it.

I'm putting it off, and will probably end up pulling an all-nighter on it. So if I come into class extremely crabby tomorrow morning, hopefully you guys will understand looking at the results... Mostly likely I've give Christine quite a bit of attitude, it's in my nature to do so.