Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shedding the Corporates

We should all get naked and celebrate our liberation from the corporate influence.

I don't feel like explaining but think long and hard and I believe that you will see my brilliant fantastical logic.

So my life is a mess, but oddly enough, I don't feel as stressed out as I want to be. Maybe if I was stressed out I wouldn't be wasting my fuckin' time on my blog and ranting.

I joined Eagle News but I'll be forced to quit tomorrow because Propster said I'll be off the team if I don't get a story in...and guess what? I don't have a story so *boom chakalaka boom* I'm gone. Whatever, they don't even have a meteorologist (rainMAN)position ANYWAY! (which was what I was aiming for obviously...)

Maybe I'll see if I can be an editor, because I actually want to vasti-fy my knowledge on video editing. It is a skill that would be good for me to perfectomundo. Actually, my GPA might be under 2.5 which is fucking hilarious because omg, I'm going to be fuckin slaughtered by the fucking system - but then again that's just an excuse. I'm just a fuckin bullshitter. I hope I can stay on the debate team because that is my refuge...

I was reading this article on stem-cell research today at Borders and it is a very interesting concept and I can't distinguish my position on it. I don't know if I want to support Stem-cell research when they are basically killing potential beings, or to support it because it will save people who are already alive in this world (especially since my dad could be cured if the research was successful). I'm leaning more to the latter.

I wonder if I'm a selfish bitch to think badly of people when I'm talking to people.

I suppose it doesn't matter as long as we're both having fun...'s not as if I'm saying it out loud (white lies are harmless right? *wink wink*)

oooh quote of the day...

“They’re twins,”
Nader continued.
“If you look at their economic policies, other than taxes and so on … they’ll curtsy to the, quote, prestige of the Treasury.”

uhh to give some context...he's talking about Obama and McCain *teehee*

I saw this really cute sweater and vest at H&M today. Gaaaaah *struggling I try to walk away from the big corporate doors of cheap-laboring H&M store but the red lights are too bright, too tempting, I am losing to them..."how could I? I betrayed them all"...still struggles with last of strength...get's sucked into the H&M vortex "I am sincerely sorry to y'all peeps who believed in me...sorry for the!"*

ciaomein babies

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Christina. said...

I really like how the semi-deep philisophical discussions we would be having during third period inevitably turn into at least part of the main topic of a later blog post (for either of us), hah.

I love how in a way Nader is patronizing the demo and repub presidential candidates... By remarking about how the both of them succumb to the system too easily, and thus lack quite a bit of integrity (fuck or did I interpret that quote incorrectly)...

Ahh yes about looking up to people and how we seem to put them up on a pedastool. Reality bites, and a lot of the time we don't wanna accept the fact that these people are human, just like us. They have imperfections, make mistakes, fuck up from time to time, whatever. But yeah, I do lose some respect for supposed rolemodels when I have to witness their no-so-admirable qualities come out. It sucks.

The "Me gusta cynicism" on the back of my binder smeared off today... Fuck. I enjoy questioning people's motives. Looking inward and examining our own motives for doing certain things is sometimes difficult, and I don't like to admit well, some things. Don't worry, I'm not an optimist either. We're both realists?

Oh, and the Heirs. They're pretty damn obscure, so it's hard for me to find any of their other music online other than their Myspace page. That is the disadvantage of having a liking for indie bands.