Friday, September 12, 2008

Ralph is pretty chill

Ralph Nader has many policies that I agree with. Overall I think he is much less generic and label-y than the other two (especially obama *ah-hem*)

the only thing i disagree with is affirmative action, elimination of nuclear power sources and some other...trivial??? things *ah-hem*

i will be writing an article thingy on a political spread for the newspaper due to come out on my birthday 0cto sixo - wait for it my fellow athenians



Christina. said...

Nader is indeed admirable. I like this post I'm commenting on, btw (and gracias for educating me on how bad affirmative action is the other day!). You and um, a certain someone else have turned me into a supporter of his. I guess this would be a bad time to bring up Cindy Sheehan's campaign for Congress, speaking of independents. Yeah he used to be a member of the Green Party... It's nice how he doesn't affiliate himself with a particular group anymore. This country's two-party system is just um, just ain't right, just ain't right (ghetto talk). It could use a major overhaul, for ignorameouses out there believe that it is all there is. I will check out his website sometime, hah, and no I did not know he was Lebanese. =O But yeah, Nader is really well-educated. :)

Opening up, and letting my guard down is hard. I agree with what you said about spilling your heart out to a stranger on the street who might or might not listen but won't judge as harshly as a friend might. At the same time, chances are slim to none that if they do turn out to be one of those incredibly open-minded folks, you'll ever see them and come running back to them again when you have something on your mind you want to confess. Me gusta cynicism, for I often see groups of friends walking down the hall discussing and occasionally complaining about the most superficial subjects... Makes me roll my eyes and think "Oh what a sick, little sad world I live in".

Why thank you! Blogging for most people is simply ranting... But I guess as we get older, it would be extremely immature and low-class to just blog casually about your day using internet slang and nothing above a 4th-grade vocabulary. Still, I'd hate to be ever called a pseudo-intellectual. Oh hell, you're making me beginning to want to get involved in some type of public speaking (debate or Eagle News) more and more now.

Christina. said...

Eco-friendly club here I come! As for the other two public speaking gigs, well, yeah, I question my commitment to those kinds of things... Possibly hold off until senior year? Gah procrastination. && you're not a pseudo-intellectual!

Oh what a stranger playa... It's kinda like using people, but oh hell, how many of us really live completely moral lives? Like the old saying about having to step up a few toes to make your way to the top.

To be honest, my sense of preservation is slowly dying, and hopelessness is beginning to consume me. Like a tornado.

Your prediction about the remainder of your life was indeed entertaining, yet quite disturbing. Hell, neither of us are too much of optimists. I've begun questioning the real point of life lately... It's damn depressing.