Sunday, September 7, 2008


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Presentation Outline
Christine, Serena, Christina, Megumi

Presentation (3-5 minutes)
I. Introduction
A. Introduce members of group: e.g. “Hello everyone, my name is [First Name and Last Name] - to my right is Serena - that is Christina….etc.
B. “The summer reading book we used for this project is “Coffee Will Make You Black” by April Sinclair. We thought that the main theme of this book centered on the growth of Jean in the sense of her personality and maturity - in the midst of the civil rights movement. “
C. “We thought that chapter 16, although simple, significantly demonstrates her personal “change”.”
D. “I’m not sure if you noticed this awesome artwork done by Christina[indicating Afro-Jean] but we thought that this was a way to express this chapter in a more conceptual fashion because..(Whatever you want to say, possibly something about how she gets the afro for rebelling against her mother, and the whole Charisma society – or it could be mentioned later…whatever…aha). “
II. Body
A. “Each of us chose a particular quote that we thought would adequately represent the different components of this chapter”.
Note: Order/assignment is subject to change.
1. Serena:
-“blahblahblah…I think this quote was important because….”
2. Christina:
-“blahblahblah…I chose this quote because I felt it demonstrated…”
3. Christine:
-“blahblahblah…this is a follow-up quote to [person who did quote above], because it shows how they wanted to conform as close to Caucasian society as they could…blahblah..”
4. Megumi:
- “blahblahblah…We all thought that this was a good concluding quote because in Jeans mind, the idea finally settled that she didn’t want to be like Terry or her mother – I think that she was beginning to realize that she wanted to be herself.
III. Conclusion
A. So this book portrayed the maturity of an intelligent girl following her growth from childhood to adulthood. Her hardships, misunderstandings, discovery, decision-making, and self-understanding.

Try to get the audience to understand key concepts of book:
- Personal growth
- Self-acceptance
- Realizing that people change and people won’t stay the same forever
- She can be whoever she wants to be and doesn’t need to follow the herd of schmucks.

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