Saturday, October 25, 2008

the debate




all the f words i could use to describe today's speech tourny

5-5-5 worst score possible

oh well, all good exp.

and there were a lot of hot guys there



Christina. said...

Ditto on the Maya Lin exhibition at the De Young.

Erica said...

where was your thing at today?

at least there were hot guys for you to check out today :P are they nerdy?

my dad just woke me up *yawn* it's actually a good thing tho... or else i'd be left napping alone in the living room. wel.. i'm going back to sleep. talk to you tomorrow or something. feel better!

Christina. said...

Agree about checking out Maya Lin's show at that museum some weekend... Doesn't it really open up around January or something? On a Saturday? Oh how I am more than willing to give up Saturdays for artistic purposes (that is unless I'm swamped in homework for the two days)... We really haven't hung out in a long time. In fact, I haven't talked to you personally in a while. =.=

harriethu said...

Yeah, yesterday wasn't too fun...
IEs are generally a lot more empty, but I asked Propster about it yesterday, and he said that there was another competition going on at Santa Clara (which would explain the scarcity of competitiors).

It gets better, it was your first extempt after all.