Sunday, October 19, 2008


last night was so COOL

i went to this realllyreally fancy restaurant and i ate the tasting menu which was sweeet!

the restaurant was called "Manrosa" or something, and it was hella high class.
we had almost 15 courses! there was so much. i could list them but i'm too lazy, srri dudes. ANYWAY the service was grrreeeat! and yeah. I went with my aunt who was visiting SF from LA for my birthday, and prior to that we went shoppping and I got two new pairs of shoes on SALE from Loehmanns and an awesome vest! I am really happy (we didn't even spend more than 60! record!)

i really wanna buy some more cool t-shirts but things are so expensive! why isn't the economy affecting these prices significantly? grrr, so much for taking advantage of the fricken economic crisis!

The other day i lost my wallet, with all my credit cards and gift cards from my b-day >.< grr. yeh i looked everywhere. No one is a good samaratin these days.



Erica said...

lucky you :)

the highest class restaurant i been to, non asian, was in pier 39 or somethign >.> and i dind't even choose a meal for myself, as to being a young cheapo back then lol

so you've finally found the shoes you wanted eh? :)

yeah.. everyones greedy nowadays :P im glad i didn't give you a g-card for your birthday.. lol

harriethu said...

Awwww, I'm so sorry you lost your creditcards/gift cards. :(

*punches for good luck*

I ate my birthday dinner a week after my birthday. I think it's a very Asian thing to have birthday dinners.