Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I just got home from speech and I was soooo fucked.
grr i have a tournament on Saturday too! >.<

I need to do more prep...

Shiit I have so much homework I am drowning!

Today I just curled up and died. For the past two days I have been one of the undead. Normally I can handle 3 hours of sleep or less with my trustee friend coffee, but I woke up so late today that i missed firsto periodo for the first time this year!

I had two tests today, both after lunch and I bombed the bio one even though it was easier than the quizzes. I think I wrote a bit excessively for the essay question. I tend not to comprehend the question until half-way through and I realize that "how would I know...? oh shit that wasn't the question" chincharones. I went too much in detail of what the H+ and OH- concentrations were. Oh well, alls fair in love and war...

During the debate meeting I was intent on studying my bio book carefully. Actually during homeroom today ma hr teacher sent me to Lawders (sp?) class to borrow an AP bio book so she could answer my question on whether Urea (a type of mammal animal urine) was a cheaper reactant to forming a product in melamine. I asked her because I read somewhere on a forum last night (very late) when I was doing research on the content of the milk contamination.

What I've noticed lately is that aside from the Bay area, a lot of people don't like Asians. It depresses me to finally sorta understand the racism and generalizations that people in America practice. The reason I bring this up is because in the melamine forum that I was at, there were pages and pages of China bashing. I know this is hypocritical to say but, honestly I think that it's semi-okay for someone to bash China - as long as you're Chinese. I suppose that this could also be considered a form of racism, but I don't see people bashing Europe nearly as much as China. I just feel so solee fol ma peeplhole (notice the use of accent). I hate defending my racism. ladidadida reality is a dick hole with kidney stones (very painful indeed cuz they need to pee the stones out >.<)



Erica said...

good luck on speech :P i'd never survive it..

i had a bio test today too... it wasn't' that bad... and you know.. i never even read the chapter >.> all he ever does is lecture elcture, and lecture makes me drift off.

at least you knew how to explain the thingys... if lauter gave us a test with essay questions... i'd bomb it >.<

Erica said...

have fun doign your speech tomorrow! good luck!