Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was soooo tired today after school. I was okay until BAM the stupid sleepiness hit me and yeah. I was a walking zombie. I fell asleep on one of the big chairs in starbucks for a couple of hours, and I'm surprised no one tried to kick me out lol.

I need to write congress speeches and get notes from someone who went to the jam yesterday.
I also need to send my new draft to the Sterprop because...yeh. Anyway, I need to add a quote from Amaral (i don't know her first name and that is a problemo). I also need to add an 'update' it's hard to update already written works. If I have time I also would like to make index cards with major events because I am behind at the momento...


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Erica said...

oh yeah, did you go to that persons place ot pick up your credit cards? o.o

you have lots to do...