Thursday, December 3, 2009

the higher you climb the farther you fall

yesterday was a good day. so many interesting things occurred. school went fast, and a few things happened that i assumed would automatically bedazzle my life. wrong.

i suppose blaming myself for my discontent would be the rational action. unfortunately i've never been known as the sage. i thought the day was going well until i realized that it was ordinary and sucked crocodile sacs. i recently started to follow MLIA (my life is average) and those things that happen to people aren't average. i always question the reasons for my inhibitions. there's no real explanation for why i don't just jump on the table and sing koombayah. is it perhaps the lingering hope to be accepted into the high school political arena? or is it the need to be included and not shunned from my peers. surprisingly i think i have abysmally low self-confidence. I once had fun, and it was only when i let myself go for a few hours. after i sorely regretted it, for i had made a fool of myself. not even the cool fool, just the drunk chick (and i wasn't even wasted).

fml for being so lame and generically moaning about common teen angst

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