Saturday, February 7, 2009

biscotti making

So today was pretty fun I think, albeit a bit of uncomfortableness this morning. I woke up "early" in terms of waking up in the morning on a Saturday, however I had a cup of coffee and was up and ready for the road. So when I woke up (feeling like I had an immense hangover...) I got dressed and brushed my teeth and then went back to bed. Why, you wonder why I would do such a thing. Well, I was being picked up to go to this event and they were not there yet (traditionally they are a family that is consistently tardy - just like mine). Hence, I went back to sleep for a good 15 minutes. ANYWAY, back to the topic at hand. My church group, the Jr. YBA made biscotti today as a fundraiser for the group. We met a Jamaican woman and went to college on our way to the Oakland temple (meh inside joke). When we got there we chilled for a while, 'cuz we juss cool like dat. Nah, we are just cutters by profession.

To understand this better, we need to go back about 12 hours. We were in the same chocolate biscotti. See today we were making orange. I digress, we cut...a LOT of biscotti. Actually... ALL the biscotti was cut by my friends and I. We're talking HUNDREDS. Yeah, so you get the picture. We need to wait until the first few batches are done before we begin the slaughter.

It was sort of awkward cuz I was tired and not tired intermittently. Haha. I would get very very exhausted all of the sudden and sleep for five minutes, and hyper all of the sudden in bursts. Caffeine fucks you up that way. So at the end (aprox 3pm) we were chillin' like villains. It was someone's bday so we ate cake and ice cream (coincidently it is Matens bday today also and I owe him an aloe drink, aha this is totally irrelevant.) So then we went to CT which is around the corner from the temple, and I got a tapioca/boba drink that was totally a rip off. Whoever said that Chinese drinks are bargains...THINK AGAIN. I got lychee milk tea, and what I GOT was chai tea with bits of old/dried up lychee in it. The drink was nearly 4 dollars. RIP OFF. I think that whoever reads this should boycott this chain. It's called "Sweetheart Cafe". I am such a hypocrite cuz the Sweetheart Cafe in SF CT is really good. I guess everything about SF is better than Oakland. WORD MOTHAFUCKA.

okay so i also posted a pic of the biscotti. the orange ones were on-hand so *shrugs* they taste better too.

Oh and before I forgot to mention, but I also saw this INCREDIBLY AWESOME movie called "Slumdog Millionaire" with Nemo and yeah. I suggest the movie to anyone. The genre isn't normally my thing, but DAMN. It was the greatest movie - I say that it deserves that fuckin' Oscar way more than Benjamin Button. However I must confess that ehm, Brad Pitt is quite attractive in that movie (in the middle lol).
The thing is that Slumdog totally overwrote my superficiality.

But seriously, I REALLY REALLY suggest it. Hmm I would put it in my other blog as a MUST SEE movie, but I'm too lazy.

pe@ce out

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