Sunday, February 22, 2009


My mood is affected a lot by music. I listen to a sad song, I feel sad and contemplative. I listen to a faster, happier song, I feel happy and hyper. It's weird how my mind can be so heavily influenced by sound.

Anyway today I co-MCed for the Day of Remembrance (DOR), Kevin and I read the candle-lighters bio's and stuff. I was so nervous that my legs shook. That was a first time experience for me. In the past I have performed in front of thousands of people, however it was with other people. Today I was speaker by myself to 500+ people. I must have sounded very nervous. I think that most people who told me I did a good job were just being polite. My friends didn't even mention it at all. *sighs* To think that I do public speaking. I suppose that speech and debate isn't really public speaking because there isn't anyone really there besides the judge and your opponent or something. I can recall in my youth that I didn't give a damn what people thought. I hate growing up, I wish I didn't mind what the audience thought, or whether I would mess up.

I think that I am always surrounded by intelligent individuals wherever I go. My friends get good grades, not that it accurately determines ones intelligence, but still. Because I participate in many community events I tend to meet many junior/senior and college students who tell me about their lives and inadvertently, their academic accomplishments. Naturally the conversation turns to me and they ask, "so megumi, have you thought about college yet?" and I say all the time - but really, I have many doubts about how far my faux determination will take me.


Christina. said...

Oh I'm hoping what you just said about me being able to handle death was pure and blatant sarcasm... My buddy from Davis said himself AP's "aren't that hard..." Psfff. I don't know. Might just chicken out if I feel like it and take neither APUSH or chem honors... and then I regret it.

Sure, it's justified... how going into politics is basically going for broke... and unpredictable in how there will always be those out there with opposing views or looking to sabotage you in any way possible. It's a brutal industry, one I will never want to involve myself in... the closest I might ever come to poltics is writing about it, for the paper or a magazine.

Stem cell research is a complicated topic to debate on, much less take a position on. You have to really consider both ends of the issue, but when it all comes down, it's a matter of whether you feel embryonic stem cells are a legitimate form of human life, and whether or not it should be tampered with... I kind of wrote just that in my little summary for homework afterwards, saying that conservatives justify themselves against the issue with a bunch of in-depth arguements about religion, ethics, etc... blah blah blah.

The whole public school indoctrination issue makes me respect those who choose to teach math a lot more... yeah the subject is utterly useless (at the very advanced levels of course), but those instructors will never be accused of it... science (more specifically biology) pedagogs... perhaps only when they get into the topics of like we just said, stem cell research and evolution. *coughs conservative Christians* I discuss a lot of inappropriate subjects in bio, politics being one of them. Remember the essay component of my final? Got a full 10 points on that. Being the goddamn cynic I am, I'd assume it was the intro to my third paragraph where I bitched about our country's health care system that got me extra credit. Somebody's a liberal. That math quiz from last Thursday we recently got back I finished early, and doodled a picture of flag burning on the back.

You called me Tuesday. Sorry, just remembered. What was that about?

Adrienne said...

cool, MC-ing! That sounds fun. What was your speech about? Y

ou're never at school.

No, I didn't design my blog -- the credits are at the bottom.

Being surrounded by intelligent individuals is fun. It motivates you.