Sunday, February 15, 2009

the gansta word:buh or blood wtf

lalala. today was boring. i went on comp all day. the highlight was that i got to see this cool movie "the international" pretty sweet flick. recommend recommend recommend. definitely no comparison to slumdog, but it was pretty intense. at the edge of my seat the whole time - literally. and by golly my left ankle fell asleep. i thought that i would just fall down those blasted stairs. besides the point. christina, since you are all "fuck capitalism," this would be a good movie for you to watch. aaah life is nice.


yesterday i went to the anime on display convention (aod con). a bit pissed that i had to wait 2 hours. i called random people and i guess they felt pretty awkward. patty even said he had to go and hung up. happy days indeed. i talked to typhoon for a while, but 20 minutes later she tells me that my voice is all static-y and heard not a word i had said since the beginning. it really makes me feel conceited. grr. i called all these other people too, either they were ignoring my call or they were busy. i started to call harry but then i realized that she was probably at the AAA cleanup. i called tong but they were in a pet store.

oh i almost forgot. yesterday morning i also went to typhoons house for the world affairs challenge. i started writing the skit for our presentation at the contest. idk how good it is at the moment though. I need to work out the logistics etc.

i made cookies and they're kinda weird i guess. i think i fucked up my teeth, they hurt a lot. gaah i've never had a cavity and now THIS. my life shall end. oh why am i so high maintenance.

oh and btw happy chocolate&sex day (i decided to rename vday this cuz in essence that is what it is) toodles and happy presidents day,

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