Thursday, February 12, 2009

LA crepe

I was sick today. My brain is hurting. I suspect I injured the back part of brain when I went to sleep and banged my head on the top of the bedstand. It hurt like a mother fucker. That was last week though. But I've been coughing and my right temple throbs and there's a lot of pressure there. Damn. It hurts unless I take drugs. Grrr.

Besides that, I was suppose to make 21 crepes for French class. It took me a very long time:
I burned a few of them though :(

I went to debate practice because if I didn't then Alicia and I would be dropped from the invitational on the 28th. It was pretty pointless. I remember why having a partner stressed me out. ahhh c'est la vie.

Furkheimer my brain hurts like a bitch. Laalalalala

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Christina. said...

I'd like a crepe right about now.