Thursday, February 5, 2009


I really need to get a life. But then again, life is pretty boriing to me! Not like I'm saying death would be more interesting ;) not getting suicidal here. I feel sorta annoying. I probably talk to people on facebook and aim too much. Like its cool when you talk once a week to a person, but long convo's for long periods of time tend to be a bit weird. I mean I had the this convo with this dude last night until like the morning, and i guess we shouldn't talk too much. We might get bored. Just like how when I see my friend not from my school, we talk hella and then when we have a sleepover thing we get bored by the time we get back. LOL I guess I'm not that interesting of a person to chill wit. Awgihaneklwjdnsfkjs. I really really need to find a way to release stress.

I've gotten so accustomed to NOT doing homework, that I tried to write this report and DAMN I only got half of it done. I'm abhorred by my own lack of motivation to get this shit done. I need to write a speech too and revise an essay for fuckin winery.

Life is so...unpleasantly pleasantly unpleasant. Please kill me with a machete for that..

"Well you done done me and you know I felt it, I tried to be chill but you so hot dat I melted, I fell right through the cracks...and i'm tryin get baack." luuurve it. Man I'm such a hypocrite. lalalalala


Christina. said...

Haha, it was the result of randomly Googling "elitism" last night in images. My modern world teacher is Sussman, but it got taken over by a student teacher, Butler... both of which are against indoctrination in public schools, which is just AWESOME. Sorry, I have this dumbass notion that male teachers will not propagandize their students... From my experience at least, which is cool.
Calling me passive?

Hah I'm in 313 sometimes, to honestly hide out and avoid socializing. De Los Reyes doesn't care, won't question me, and it's a chill environment. I need calmness these days. It's where I'm in if I need to finish up some homework before lunch is over or if my friend is in a period of just getting on my nerves. I know, unreasonable. I'm just stressed out tonight. Damn lab report.

Christina. said...

Male history teachers are cool. Funny, did I mention how Sussman (modern world teach from last semester) was also my 6th grade history teacher? Well we all have our own notions about how the typical male or female teacher is like as far as administering class activites and assignments... some definitely defy the stereotype, but it truly depends on the situation and where you are. Some female teachers are truly dreamers, have this unrealistic Telly-Tubby ideal let's all join in a circle and sing kumbayah kind of 1967 type of demeanor... *coughs coughs* I like teachers with unconventional ideas and witty, freethinking minds of their own... and if they're cynics, that's a plus. The ones that make you look at things in a whole new perspective and expose you to points of views you may have never considered. Critical thinking, depends on how the assignment is executed, the question, and whatnot... and the teacher as well. I don't like weak-minded people either.