Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a recap of the girl who failed at life

i made cream scones and they are so GOOD



Christina. said...

I HATE math class.

Christina. said...

Damn word problems for homework, I've been dreading that class lately. Material is beyond frustrating. DLR has become quite patronizing towards our class, and not wanting to tolerate anything... I don't think I can elaborate from there.

My test scores in that class are consistently scary, so when the rare A or B comes up, I celebrate. I cringe when I hear people discussing the subject and how to solve a complicated problem in that class (just wanna beat them), and hesitate to even look at the problems on an exam upon receiving a blank copy to begin... My overall grade doesn't necessarily reflect these feelings, but dude, it's been giving me a hard time.

I want to go back to geomery. :(