Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Guess it's okay

So followup on the last frantic post - it wasn't erased so I was like "whoo."

I had a debate tourney today. i sucked.

but i ate this incredible bacon burger - totally made up for everything.

just now i managed to make madeleines. i was spacing and put too much flour but they taste yummy:

okay something seriously trippy is goin on. when i post this why the fuck can't i see my normal blog?


Christina. said...

I'm planning on taking american lit honors, spanish 3-4 honors, AP Calculus AB (although I'd probably do better in stats thinking about it now, too late since I already turned in my application), and AP art history. Chem honors or APUSH, might consider one of them or neither, but it's hard, so I Facebooked my buddy who's a freshman at Davis (Aim High co-worker who graduated from Wash last year) for some advice... I have yet to hear a response. And you?
Amaral-Lee was passing out honors apps for those who wanted it yesterday, so it seemed optional. I said nothing (didn't even raise my hand), and she slid me one, saying, "Christina, you have no choice". I complained "This is so not cool..." somewhat loudly afterwards, and she pulled me aside later to justify herself... and let me explain myself. Reasonable, and somewhat creepy. I'm smart-mouthing too much in her class these days.

I wonder if you're an ethical person now, too. (still Nobama?)

The Joy Luck club, ugh I'm behind in the reading already... Not finding it too interesting.

I don't take a strong position on violent movies and their influence on teens personally, so I in a way made up some of my opinions... mildy convincing, and entertaining.

Oh Brewer's class must just be fabulous.

Christina. said...

Regarding Brewer, somewhat sarcastic, somewhat envious of how much you guys are learning and improving your writing skills in there.

This is going to be perhaps the 313988371312th time I am saying I wish I had your parents. AP art history for me is a definite must, but I'm not so sure about APUSH. I like history, find it fairly interesting and easy to understand as well... It's either APUSH, chem honors, or neither... Still debating over what I want to take. I feel as though I'd look like a slacker if I take neither or those two... Want my decision to be well-reasoned out, and not on a whim through something like a coin flip. I want to challenge myself with something I actually like next year, but not to the extent of where it'll be too overwhelming. I don't know if I'll really find U.S. history THAT fascinating, because somehow I'd rather study things like European history, etc. I don't want to regret taking on an extra AP/honors course. My mother's growing open-minded and practical about me, which is great, she thinks four is already enough. But I want to get into a good college, and I also applied for a museum gig Downtown... If I get in, I'll have to work a once a week or twice a week shift there from October to April of next school year. DEATH.

Obama > McCain, I'm sure we can all agree upon that. But Nader creams them all... still a little bitter that things will never turn out the way we'd like them to be.

Amaral-Lee expects too damn much out of me! I have her system all figured out, so I try to bend the rules... Tuesday when we were discussing stem cell research in class I uttered a few snarky comments about that SF gate article, and she thought I was accusing her of indoctrination, again.

Adrienne said...

Haha, no I just like keeping pictures of what I wear.

But doing nothing isn't fun.

Ooooh they look good! Whenever I bake... it never comes out right. hahah you said trippy.